Is National Business Furniture Legit?

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National Business Furniture is a well-known name in the furniture industry, providing a wide range of office furniture options to businesses across the nation. With such popularity, it’s natural for potential customers to wonder about the legitimacy of this company and the quality of their products. In this article, we will delve into the legitimacy of National Business Furniture and help you make an informed decision.

Company Background

Established in 1975, National Business Furniture has been catering to the furniture needs of businesses for over four decades. With their headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the company has expanded its reach and now serves customers throughout the United States. They offer an extensive selection of office furniture, including desks, chairs, filing cabinets, conference tables, and much more.

Positive Customer Reviews

One of the key factors that determine the legitimacy of any business is customer satisfaction. National Business Furniture has received numerous positive reviews from their customers, which is a testament to their reliability and quality. Many customers have praised the company for their excellent customer service, timely delivery, and durable furniture options.

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Customers have also appreciated the wide range of choices available on the National Business Furniture website. Whether you need contemporary or traditional designs, ergonomic chairs or standing desks, they have options to suit every preference and budget.

Quality Assurance

National Business Furniture understands the importance of delivering high-quality products to their customers. They collaborate with reputable manufacturers who adhere to strict quality standards. By maintaining strong relationships with these manufacturers, National Business Furniture ensures that their products are reliable, durable, and built to last.

Competitive Pricing

When it comes to furniture, pricing plays a significant role in decision-making. National Business Furniture offers competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. They often provide discounts and promotions, allowing customers to save even more on their purchases.

Transparent Return Policy

Legitimate businesses prioritize customer satisfaction and offer transparent return policies. National Business Furniture is no exception. They have a hassle-free return policy that allows customers to return or exchange products within a specific timeframe if they are not satisfied with their purchase. This policy ensures that customers can shop with confidence, knowing they have the option to rectify any issues that may arise.

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Secure Online Shopping

National Business Furniture understands the importance of online security, especially when it comes to financial transactions. They have implemented robust security measures to protect customer information and ensure safe online shopping. Their website utilizes encryption technology, providing customers with peace of mind while making their purchases.

Industry Recognition

Another aspect of National Business Furniture’s legitimacy is their industry recognition. The company has received several awards and accolades for their outstanding service and product quality. These recognitions further validate their position as a legitimate and reputable player in the furniture industry.


In conclusion, National Business Furniture is indeed a legitimate company that offers high-quality office furniture to businesses nationwide. With their long-standing presence in the industry, positive customer reviews, competitive pricing, and transparent policies, they have earned the trust of numerous customers. Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, National Business Furniture can cater to your office furniture needs with reliability and professionalism.

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